Who owns the video?

You do. Some video production companies are retaining ownership of the video they make for you and charging a monthly fee for as long as you want to use it. While that might be great for the production company, we don’t think it’s fair to the small business owner. We added a payment plan to make it more affordable for businesses to add video to their marketing mix, but once that last payment is made, the video with all attached rights transfers ownership to you. It is after all, your business video.

How do I play my video on my website?

We provide the video and player in the form of simple HTML code, which is easy to copy and paste into any website. It’s the same technique used by YouTube, but without their player logo and with better quality video.

How much does it cost?

We have three packages to choose from with easy installment plans. See Packages.

What if I want you to keep hosting my video after one year?

After one year, the price is $10 a month, including hosting and reporting.

When do I get my reports?

Video reports go out on the 1st of each month, starting from the first upload of your video.

Is there a deposit? What is the payment schedule?

All packages can be purchased using a six installment payment plan. The first payment acts as a deposit, securing the taping date for your video. The second payment is due as soon as you sign off on your video and it goes live on your website. After that date, further payments are due monthly, until all six payments have been made.

Can I make the video myself?

We don’t recommend this unless you have some professional experience. This video represents your business, and you want to put you best foot (and your best footage) forward. If you do decide to tape it yourself and want us to edit it, please e-mail us for further instructions.

If you do just want us to upload, optimize, host and report on a video you have made yourself, again feel free to e-mail us for pricing and instructions.

Can we decide, after several months, that we’d like to re-edit the video?

Yes. The package price includes just one version of the video; however, we can re-edit and re-upload the video to all the same sites. We charge $50 an hour for editing, and the uploading depends on the number of sites.

Can we re-shoot the video later?

Your monthly package includes one taping and one editing session; however, we’re happy to videotape the project again for $400, or $600 for new taping with editing.

If we don’t like the player style, can we get another?

Yes. We offer many types and colors of players for an additional fee. They start at $10 for a simple color change, and go up depending on what customization you require. E-mail us for information.

How do I know how many people watched my video?

We send you monthly reports via e-mail. These Excel files will give you information about not only how many people watched your video, but for how long and from where.

What sites will my video appear on?

Currently, we upload your video to YouTube, Metacafe, iTunes, your Google Places profile and we share it on Facebook and LinkedIn. We’re working on getting more partners.

How long will you be on site?

We typically spend anywhere from one to one and a half hours on site. Elements that cause variation include, how many set-ups or types of shots there are, and how naturally you take to being in front of the camera. Our professional camera operators have lots of experience, and will keep you at ease through the process.

What if I am too shy to be on camera?

Not everyone wants to be on camera. We understand that. If you don’t wish to be videotaped yourself, there are other options. You can use an employee who is comfortable on-camera, or we can use your voice over footage of your products and store. If you prefer, for an additional fee, you could also use one of our professional voiceover artists. We can also use still photos of your business (300 dpi or larger), and work with you to create a script for the voiceover artist.

Can I use my favorite song?

Copyright law prohibits you from using a song without a license, and that can be very expensive for songs that are not public domain. However, we have an extensive royalty-free music library, from which we can download songs and one songs license fee is included in your video package.

Can I choose the music you use?

Yes. We’ll make a recommendation for your video, but if you’d rather have something different, we can send you several selections from which to choose. If that doesn’t work, we can send you a link to one of our music libraries.

Will you use my logo?

Yes, we’d love to incorporate your logo into the video! Please send it as a PSD file or JPG, with a resolution of at least 300 dpi.

How should I pay?

You can pay by check, or set up a recurring payment through PayPal. We don’t charge extra for this service.

Do you charge sales tax?

NO. Video Production is considered a service in Washington State and you will be charged sales tax.

What should I wear?

Wear what makes you feel comfortable, and represents your business appropriately. Things to avoid: White, or extremely bright colors, stripes – especially pinstripes, and noisy jewelry that jingles as you move. Ideally, you should wear something with a place to clip a microphone.

Can I pay in one lump sum?

Yes. We set up a payment plan to make it less of a financial burden on your business – we don’t want money to keep you from experiencing the power of video! However, if you’d prefer to pay for it all at once, that’s just fine. Let us know when you place the order.